Life Inside Islamic State

Animated series by Scott Coello for the BBC

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Broadcast on BBC2, BBC News and BBC Radio 4

Produced by John Neal

Animation by Cribble and Ross Plaskow

Voice acting by Faisal Irshaid

Sound design by Dan Pugsley

Music by Dan Pollard

Food for Thought

Documentary by Roann Ghosh for

Filmed and edited by Liam Martin

Music by Dan Polllard

The Quick Streams of Life

Documentary about the city of Bangkok and it's residents.

Filmed and edited by Akanbe Films

Music by Dan Pollard

Sam King Film - Showreel 2016

Showreel for videographer Sam King

Filmed and edited by Sam King

Music by Dan Pollard

The Exceptionals - The Business Case

Two promotional charity films documenting the work of Bounce Back and Working Chance

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Written and directed by Greener Productions

Music by Dan pollard


Humane Society International - Make it Fake for the Animals' Sake

Fake fur awareness campaign film by Tracks Investigations for Humane Society International

Filmed and edited by Sam King

Music by Dan Pollard

The Hummingbird Bakery - Red Velvet Pancakes

Part of a series of instructional cookery shows by Scott Coello for The Hummingbird Bakery

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Directed, edited and motion graphics by Cribble

Make-up by Tom Fraser

Camera, photography and lighting by Jon Mark Deane

Music by Dan Pollard